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Workshops and Seminars

OHServices provides workshops for corporate organisations and community services aimed for young people and adults of all ages and backgrounds.

Our workshops are informative, stimulating, interactive and creative. All workshops will be tailored to the client’s needs and depending on those needs we will create new workshops.

To get the most out of our workshops we have exercises that will challenge you to explore “self” and we give handouts to continue your process to develop your knowledge to practise this on a daily basis to make personal change.

Some workshop topics we provided are:

Confidence Building

Mental Health Issues “Let’s talk about it”

Building Healthy Relationships for young people (CRUSH)

Domestic Violence Awareness

Using nutrition as a stress management tool

Stress management before the exams

What keeps you healthy and stable


What is Trauma?


 Some benefits of workshops:
   •  It is effective in managing change and achieving improvement;
   •  It can create initiatives, plans, process and actions to achieve particular aims;
   •  It can be a great tool for breaking down barriers & improving communications;
   •  It is educational and informative.

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