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The Emotional Impact of Fibroids         


4 Weeks Online Course


" A Journey to Self"

This 4 weeks Online Course aims to:

  • Make you understand how Fibroids affects your emotions 

  • Create a stepping stone to start a routine to work on your Self Care Plan

  • Help you to understand dealing with your emotions

  • Learn how to support and understand others with Fibroids

  • Start a self – development journey to improve your general wellbeing     

  • It will be interactive and include:

a lecture, exercises, Q & A section and Your Work (home work), hand outs and a Certificate of Attendance upon attending the full 4 weeks.

The next 4 weeks Online Course starts on:

Wednesday 9th September 2020   

(and then 16th, 23rd and 30th September

at 19:30pm UK Time)

Why 4 weeks?


4 Weeks will start to create a habit and a motivator to really deal with what is going on in your life.


This is a journey to start reflect and look at our emotions and how Fibroids are linked to it.


Soon you will realise that this journey can be beneficial to your whole life and this 4 weeks course can be the start.

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